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Welcome to the Scotty's Pet and Home Watch information page. We are the premier provider of Dog Walkers. Our goal is to provide the very best care possible for your pet. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a list of our services.

Dog Walks and Playtime

30 minutes for $15           30 minutes, 3 visits a week $40   
60 minutes for $25           60 minute, 3 visits a week  $65 

These prices are based on up to 3 dogs. Each additional dog is $5 per visit.


Cat Visit and Playtime

30 minutes for $13.50                    30 minute, 3 visits a week $35

Includes playtime visit, litter box cleaning, food and water refill. These prices are based on up to 3 cats. Please call for additional cats.

Home Check

2 Home checks which include 1 morning visit and 1 evening visit, light plant watering, paper and mail pick up, lights, open/close curtains, pulling in/out garbage cans, and checking home perimeter. $22.50 per day

Pet Checks

Pet Checks (PC) which include playtime, monitor food, water, medications*, alter curtains, lights, pulling in/out garbage cans, bring in mail and newspaper, light plant watering and perimeter check. (When 3 or more visits in a day it will include a 15+ minute walk/playtime in the am. Price for pet check is for up to 4 dogs. 4+ dogs please call for pricing).

$13.50 per visit



Pet Taxi/Transportation Services

Includes up to 2 hour vet visit.  $30 per visit, each additional hour is $5 and limited to 30 miles round trip. Owner supplies clean travel kennel.



Dog Poop Pick up can be added on to any service for $5 per day.

Light pet brushing can be included for an additional $3 per Dog/Cat (owner must provide grooming utensils).

*Owner provides medication, food and water etc..